Blind Fool Running (book)

Blind Fool Running (book)

Blind Fool Running by Jonco Bugos is a 104-page literary novella written in 2009 by science fiction author Michael Casher under a pen name. You can buy the paperback edition at and Barnes & The Kindle eBook Edition is also available at Amazon's Kindle Store.

Writing for the first time under a pen name, science fiction author Michael Casher creates his first literary novella. Jonco Bugos is the author of "Blind Fool Running", the story of a retired man who writes books that no one wants. But that does not stop him.

Roger and Cat live together even though cat and man are considered to be natural born enemies in this part of Appalachia. As Roger begins his seventh book he begins to doubt whether or not he should continue. What makes a man begin a seventh novel when his first six books sit in boxes on the floor and make no difference in the lives of others? He needs to know before he can continue.

Only Roger, himself, can answer his own question. But arriving at a solution to this dilemma will take some time and the journey will be an awakening he will never forget. In the process of discovery Roger confirms his commitment to exposing hidden truths about life on Earth.

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